3930 NE Antioch Rd. Kansas City, MO. 64117
Email: kbrink@welcomematjudoclub.org
Call: 816-969-9019
Welcome Mat Judo Club is the oldest active judo  club in the Kansas City area. Founded in 1969 by Steve Scott. While we make no boastful claims, Welcome Mat does have a proud tradition of success.  We have developed many champions (over 350 individual athletes from Welcome Mat have won U.S. national championships in judo, sambo and sport jujitsu. The technical expertise here is respected and recognized nationally.  We take pride that our program offers instruction for all levels of interest. Whether you want to become a competitive athlete, seek practical self-defense instruction or are looking for an interesting martial art to study, Welcome Mat has a lot to offer. Whatever your goals may be, you will find excellent training at Welcome Mat.  Through the years, we have been successful in coaching people in judo, jujitsu, sambo and self-defense and have used these activities to instill positive values that make a difference in many lives.  We offer a positive, open atmosphere, yet retain the traditional discipline that the martial arts emphasize.  We have programs for adults and kids and welcome everyone to participate.

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